Tree Pose

Tree Pose


Contra Indications :

* Don't place the sole of lifted foot directly on the side off standing knee but above or below it
* When you place the foot next to knee , it puts pressure on leg in a direction that may lead to injury as the knee doesn't bend parallel to frontal plane
* When you raise your arms above head for any amount of time it could risk blood pressure patients

Benefits :

  • Aids neuromuscular coordination
  • Fortfies the backbone and improves poise and balance
  • Deepens the thorax
  • Improves concentration and stimulates mental activities
  • Relieves sciatica affected people and reduces flat feet
  • Tones legs Muscles
  • Strengthens knees and frees hip joints
  • Strengthens shoulders , eyes and inner ears
Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)


Tree Pose


Our Mission!

Our mission is to create healthy awareness and to provide disease free life to all over the world, as we believe health is sum of physical, mental, emotional, socio economical and spiritual well being.

Our Core Values

* Quality & Safety
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* Gratitude

Our Vision!

To inspire humanity – both in air and on the ground”. We have dream vision to see everyone healthy in holistic manner.

Our Goal!

Reach 50 lacs people in one year through social media, educational programs, workshops, hospitals, societies, banks, schools, colleges, corporate, NGOs to change their lives through Yoga.


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